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ORGANIC side table

by Woak
€ 365

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Round solid wood side table

Technical specifications


oak or walnut
Surface treatment:
sanded, oiled
Oak white, sand, taupe, gray planked, green, blue, black or walnut
O 35 x H 42.5 cm
Ø 35 x H 47.5 cm
O 35 x H 52.5 cm

Delivery time: 8 – 10 weeks

The ORGANIC solid wood side table is delivered free of charge to your home (kerbside) with the standard delivery.

Product description

Designed by Rainer Bachschmid

For my dialogue with nature, wood offers the opportunity for maximum potential. It is lively, malleable, stable, sustainable and always radiates naturalness. There are only a few artists who have recognized this. This craftsmanship in dealing with these attributes is also reflected in the potential of Woak, for example. My wooden products retain their natural value. Clever details underline this expression and emphasize Woak's craftsmanship. I prefer to work with breathable oils and am fascinated by how the colors bring out the structure of the wood. In addition, a sensitive mixture with other materials and colors creates even more expression and uniqueness.

Instead of products, we create "pieces", with great care for both users and the environment. We are passionate about working with the warmth of solid wood, especially oak and walnut, and attach great importance to sustainable raw materials.